What is Offwego?

OffWeGo is the first a student-centric, mobile-first solution equally valuable and appealing to university risk managers and student travelers. We streamline the data collection of student travel by bundling key safety features from our travel assistance partners, with social and monetary incentives that keep students engaged and an active participant in the reporting process. We send this data to the student's university to aid the university's duty of care, so they can properly advise and assist the travelers once they've departed.

Why OffWeGo?

One of the biggest issues in university travel is making sure the duty of care to the student traveler is effective. Even more challenging, ensuring the duty of loyalty of the student traveler. By duty of loyalty we mean just as the university has a responsibility to provide safety policies and services to their students, their students have a responsibility to act selflessly and report their whereabouts and wellbeing, so their university can best protect their students.

Here at OffWeGo we engage students in the best ways possible, according to the student, so we’re able to gain better and more data points. We then provide this information to their university in a streamlined manor so that their school can provide the best services and make the best policies possible, to ensure the safety of their students.

Universities have a duty of care to their students off-campus?

Yes! In fact, a lawsuit against Earlham College in 1995 (Earlham College v. Eisenberg) for the first time questioned whether American-sponsored study abroad programs should be held to the same Title IX standard as their domestic equivalents. Increasingly, US courts are expecting a proper duty of care for students participating in off-campus programs, and scrutinizing whether specific precautions have been put in place [i].

Similarly, in 2000, the case of Nova Southeastern University v. Gross, the Florida Supreme Court found that, “Universities are not exempt from liability just because a crime against a student took place off-campus with a university-sponsored program” [ii].

[i] Malveaux, Gregory F. Look Before Leaping: Risks, Liabilities, and Repair of Study Abroad in Higher Education. Lanham, MD: Rowman & Littlefield, 2016.

[ii] Ibid, 63.

I'm a parent, how does this benefit my child?

Most parents say two things to their kids when traveling: “Have Fun and Be Safe!” We aim to do both at OffWeGo by bundling our social network with our safety & security features. As a parent you’re able to request to follow your child’s travels so you know when they travel and where they’re traveling to.

Socially, over 90% of students said they like to travel in groups, which is often times a safer and a more cost effective way to travel. Additionally, over two thirds of students said the best aspect of their time abroad was making new friends, traveling, and experiencing new cultures.

I’m a student, how does this benefit me?

You are the reason for OffWeGo! We are building a platform around what you care about most when you travel. We want to create a platform that draws you in, not pushes you away. For this reason, we’ve listened to hundreds of your opinions on what you want and are creating a unique way for you to see and collaborate with other US students abroad.

If i'm not a student can I still join?

Unfortunately, no. For safety and other reasons, we restrict users to those enrolled in accredited, higher education institutions.

Who are your partners?

We are members of both NAFSA and IIE’s Generation Study Abroad, aimed doubling the number of U.S. students studying abroad in a decade. We partner with the key travel agencies and insurance brokers, and safety providers, helping students save the most they can while being safe. All the lead travel agencies that are helping us, help you get the best rates on your travels.

Do you offer pre-set itineraries? 

For the time being, no. At OffWeGo, we're offering the "meat and potatoes" of your travels (aka your transportation and accommodations). Check out our Guides section for tips on where to travel at your respective destination!