Permanxiety & The Information Gap

When planning your travel, especially international travel, the first two questions that tend to come to mind are: “Is it expensive?” And “Is it safe?”

Today, there is a near-constant state of anxiety that revolves around travel, especially overseas—so much so that Skift Research coined the phrase “permanxiety” to describe exactly this. Travelers experience a stream of worries about terrorism, security, geopolitics, technology and its adverse role, and so in. The reality of all of these worries?  They aren’t going away anytime soon. 

Thats not all… today, despite technological advancements,  there is an information gap between student travelers, their home universities, and their insurance underwriters. Students are frequently required to submit itineraries to their home universities about any outside travel from their study abroad program but little to none actually submit. These lack of submissions not only mislead the university administrations and insurance underwriters, but it also jeopardize the overall safety of said student traveler.