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Engaging Gen-Z on Travel Risk Management through Behavioral Science

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Our Mission

When traveling, parents often say two things:

“Have Fun and Be Safe!”

There are a million ways to have fun, but only a few ways to be safe. At OffWeGo we supply institutions and organizations with a central platform to keep track of and secure their students’ travels, helping to secure their duty of care, while providing students with better experiences and long-lasting friendships.

Our mission is to make safe travel easier and more efficient for every traveler and travel manager. 


What We Do

OffWeGo is a tech-enabled solution that helps students stay safe while traveling. Students get a community and rewards, and universities/program providers can easily manage data to assure their students stay safe.

We streamline the data collection of student travel by bundling key safety features from our travel assistance partners, with social and destination incentives that keep students engaged and an active participant in the reporting process–all in one centralized mobile experience.

By engaging every type of traveler through social connection, comparison of resources, and gamification, we can increase and achieve enrollment goals, ensure the customer's Duty of Care, and help insurance providers more accurately price their premiums, amongst other goals. Reach out to learn more about how OffWeGo can help you achieve your travel policy initiatives! 

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