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Pricing for Everyone

OffWeGo works on a sliding tier model based on the number of students served. OffWeGo can be white-labeled/incorporated directly into your program, at no cost to the student, OR structured as a pass-through cost to the student/family. 

No hidden fees or interest charges, EVER.

OffWeGo understands that each organization is different, with varying degrees of risk appetite and allocation, volumes of students abroad, and budgetary considerations, especially now during the COVID-19 pandemic. Thus, OffWeGo is committed to accommodating a variety of scenarios, and to providing a high-quality service at a competitive price. Reach out for special pricing for small offices and organizations!

Frequently asked questions

What is OffWeGo?

OffWeGo is a mobile-first, traveler-centric risk management solution equally valuable and appealing to university risk managers and student travelers. We streamline the data collection of student travel by bundling key safety features from our travel assistance partners, with social and monetary incentives that keep students engaged and an active participant in the reporting process. We send this data to the student's university to aid the university's duty of care, so they can properly advise and assist the travelers once they've departed.

Why OffWeGo?

One of the biggest issues in higher education travel is making sure the duty of care to the student traveler is effective. Even more challenging, ensuring the duty of loyalty of the student traveler. By duty of loyalty we mean just as the university has a responsibility to provide safety policies and services to their students, their students have a responsibility to act selflessly and report their whereabouts and wellbeing, so their university can best protect their students. OffWeGo engages students in the best ways possible, according to the student, so we’re able to gain better and more data points. We then provide this information to their university in a streamlined manor so that their school can provide the best services and make the best policies possible, to ensure the safety of their students. See for more info on Duty of Loyalty:

How are you different than other Travel Management Companies?

Great question! At OffWeGo, we understand that although necessary, none of the key travel data needed to ensure the safety of the student and Duty of Care of the institution exists unless the student provides such information willingly, swiftly, and accurately. As such, at OffWeGo we pride ourselves in capturing and engaging the traveler through every part of their travel journey through social connection, comparison, and gamification. Whereas our competitors focus on the travel manager, OffWeGo focuses on the individual traveler in the goal in of engaging more types of people and inevitably providing higher quality information to their travel managers. We prioritize the individual's wants and needs, knowing that if they're engaged throughout all parts of their travel journey they will be more likely to report critical safety information. Additonally, our proprietary risk modeling algorithms can more acurately report and predict which travelers' are more at risk than others and help you contact in a tiemly fashion. To learn more more about how we can help your institution or organization, please contact us here.

How Can I Request a Demo?

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