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Updated: Mar 1

At OffWeGo, we prioritize the student traveler. For #NationalStudyAbroadDay we are publishing our inaugural international student interview series, where we pose questions on who, what, when, where, and most importantly, why they studied abroad.

We start with Amy Ketsara.


What does Study Abroad Day Mean to You?

I never thought that one day I would come to New York City to study Finance. New York is big and so diverse a place that you could live for your entire life. But here I am, I live in New York and here is my story.

Studying abroad gave me the opportunity to see and meet the people around the world.

My name is Amy, an international student from Thailand. I left my country when I was seventeen years old. I had dreamt about studying and traveling around the world since I was a child. I went to New York City because of a movie called “Lost Star”. I fell in love with the music and city life presented in this movie. I was shy when I was a kid; however, NYC had inspired me to be more confident and be myself.

I was so excited to be the only Thai student in a class, because I made so many more friends than I expected. This experience makes me so happy when studying in my first school in the US. I also joined study groups after school because it was so helpful for me to catch up with my classmates, since it was hard for me to understand the lectures in the beginning.

Every day I took a subway to school. One of the best moments of taking the subway is you encounter talented musicians playing their instruments such as an electric guitar or a piano. Sometimes I would sing along with them in the subway station. I know that by being a tourist, understanding things from the local perspectives and needs is important. That’s so exciting and challenging at the same time.

What Moment Would You Like to Share ?

Studying abroad gives me the opportunity to know people from different cultures and backgrounds. When making new friends, I can embrace people’s personal lifestyle as well as their imperfections.I understand myself more deeply now, I also respect people and their life and culture, and I always encourage everyone I know to do so.

I recommend all students to study abroad if they have the opportunity. It will be a great experience in their life and make friends around the world. Knowing people from different countries helps you understand their cultures, and this may give you an opportunity to improve your life or career in the future.

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