Meet the Founders: John Eddins

Hey! My name is John Eddins. I am the founding CEO of OffWeGo! I started full time at OffWeGo in June of 2018 after graduating from Colgate University with a degree in Economics. Colgate was great because the university offers many different study abroad options and locations. During my junior year I took advantage of the programs and studied abroad in Australia. I loved every moment of it because I was able to meet people from all over the world who were studying abroad too. Also, it gave me the opportunity to visit amazing nearby places that I was not close to before. However, it was certainly a challenge to plan a trip with limited knowledge about traveling, and on top of that, traveling with groups of friends was even harder to plan.

(This is where OffWeGo comes in)

Looking back on the challenges I faced when trying to travel while studying abroad, I wished that there was an easy platform that I could have used to reduce the inherent risks related to overseas travel.  This is when the idea of OffWeGo struck me. By building a platform for likeminded students to plan, socialize, and book their trips all in one place would allow the universities and parents to keep better track of their students and plan for these risks I observed while abroad. I believe that we can help make the transition of studying abroad as smooth and enjoyable as possible. I loved my time abroad, but OffWeGo would have made traveling around much easier!

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