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Our Solution

Reducing Risk, Increasing Compliance

OffWeGo is a mobile app that matches travelers together while giving access to executive-level safety & security support services so that travelers can have fun and travel managers know their travelers are safe. OffWeGo focuses on the Duty of Loyalty of the traveler. We engage our travelers where, how, and why they want to be engaged with the goal of reducing risk and increasing compliance through social connection and community, comparison of in-destination resources, and proven gamification techniques.



Find Travel Companions

Peer-Reviewed Travel Recommendations


Personalized Mental Health Support


Executive-Level Travel Assistance

Drawing on the behavioral science of the Octalysis Framework, we incentivize travelers to submit key travel data through a social network of their peers. We track not only quantitative data such as geolocation, frequency of trips, etc., but also qualitative psychographic data on their mental and physical wellbeing, travel attitudes, risk percentiles, and their traveler archetype.

Travelers are able to see and meet other travelers going to the same place at the same time. We’ve created a unique, safe place where travelers can share information such as their favorite cafes, restaurants, museums, etc., alongside safety tips such as, “Avoid this area of [City]: 10 girls in my program have been harassed at [Bar]": invaluable information that normally is shared by word-of-mouth, by happenstance, or all too often, not at all.  Whether you’re studying in London and coming home from the pubs one night, or hiking in Peru, rest easy knowing OffWeGo’s got your back.




Itinerary & Geolocation Reporting


Traveler Risk Profile


1-1 & Mass Communication

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By incentivizing the traveler to submit the required travel data, we automatically aggregate and send it to the appropriate administrator, so they can better manage their travelers, and make informed policies accordingly, aiding in the Duty of Care of the institution and/or organization.

Through our partnerships with travel assistance and insurance providers, travelers receive access to features such as intelligence services (safety text/email alerts), destination briefings, on-call support, and evacuation for various scenarios, depending on the risk tolerance and subscription tier of the organization. We then synthesize aggregate traveler data to aid policy creation and claims processing for insurance providers, hopefully resulting in lower premiums for travelers and organizations alike.

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