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Our Solution

Mitigating Risk Through Social Connection, Comparison, & Gamification

OffWeGo is the first student-centric, mobile-first solution equally valuable and appealing to university offices and student travelers.  We streamline the data collection of student travel by bundling key safety features from our travel assistance partners, with social and in-destination incentives to keep students engaged and actively participating in the reporting process. We then send this data to the student's university to help ensure the university's duty of care, so they can properly advise and assist the travelers once they've departed.

For Students

Find Travel Companions

Personalized Mental Health Support

Peer-Reviewed Travel Recommendations

Executive-Level Travel Assistance

OffWeGo partners with top-level travel assistance firms to provide safety and security features to universities & program providers and ultimately their student travelers: services such as geolocation services, destination intelligence, safety alerts, and evacuation services.

However, these services alone are proven not to be enough since students aren’t engaged. Thus, to help aid the information gap, OffWeGo gamifies the system. We incentivize students to stay engaged in the reporting process by helping solve students’ first two travel anxieties (social and financial). The more they self-report their travel data, the more social groups, events, and in-destination benefits they’ll receive.
By offering students a way to connect with other student travelers and take advantage of our partnerships to explore, using our tour and activity providers, we can provide a fun, safe, and central environment. Whether you’re studying in London and coming home from the pubs one night, or hiking in Peru, rest easy knowing OffWeGo’s got your back.

For Institutions & Organizations


Manage Your Travelers

Itinerary & Geolocation Reporting

1-1 & Mass Communication

On the university side, admins receive access to a streamlined dashboard to manage all students' travel. Administrators can see a streamlined dashboard of all of their travelers and be able to reach their students within seconds. This data aids in the university's duty of care, so they can properly advise and assist the travelers once they've departed.

Our goal is to provide universities and program providers with higher-quality data and new insights into the travel habits of their students.


This includes not only quantitative data such as geolocation, frequency of trips, etc., but also qualitative psychographic data on their mental and physical wellbeing, travel attitudes, and the type of traveler they are. Something as simple as a "Well-being Check-in" can gather great insight and physically graph the culture shock trend line of the individual student–the student's travel pulse if you will.

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