You're one step closer in bringing OffWeGo to life!


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Why should I sign a non-binding Letter of Interest? The purpose of this Letter of Interest is to show that you're genuinely interested in OffWeGo. Even though it's non-binding, it's extremely important for us to be able to prove to accelerators, incubators, and investors that there's real interest in our solution. It's essentially like a petition for us to get support! And in some cases, the number of letters or statements of interest we get can make or break our ability to move forward with OffWeGo.

What it means to sign this letter. By signing this letter of interest, you're agreeing that you're genuinely interested in OffWeGo, you intend to participate in a test of OffWeGo, and that, if you're 100% satisfied with your trial, you intend to purchase a subscription.

Non-binding. Like we said, this Letter of Interest doesn't create a binding agreement between us and it won't be legally enforceable. The only terms that will be enforceable are the formal terms you agree to when you purchase a subscription to OffWeGo.

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Thank You! We're one step closer in bringing OffWeGo to life!