Our Mission:

Be Safe. Be Social. Be There.

When traveling parents often say two things: “Have fun AND Be safe!”

We believe there are a million ways to have fun, but only a few way to be safe. Thus at OffWeGo, we supply universities and parents while a central platform to keep track of and secure their students’ travels, while providing students with better experiences, and long lasting friendships. Our mission is to provide universities, parents and students alike with peace of mind while traveling, while providing a way for students to collaborate and reduce their costs through our partnerships.


We Aim to Prevent…

Most Common Student Fatalities

Screen Shot 2019-01-21 at 10.34.07 PM.png

Most Common Student Non-Fatalities

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Key Features

Step 1


Be Safe

Our first goal is to keep students safe by partnering with leading safety & security firms to provide services such as: Geolocation, Intelligence, Evacuation

Step 2


Be Social

OffWeGo offers an appealing, elegant, and fun one-stop shop for students to discuss, plan and book transportation and accommodations.

Step 3


Be there

Safety and security benefit packages can be easily appended to Student itineraries booked on OffWeGo, solving the gap.

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